Original articles by Radio Villa Francia, translated by Kombi’ Project members and Nefasto.cl crew.

The action seeks to set free the students of U. Mar of debts as those students were victims of fraud by the owners of the university.

Francisco Papas Fritas is called like that because a boy in a snaks tv advice was very similar to him. It was an ad of French Fries (“Papas Fritas”)

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Chilean Artist Francisco Tapia, a. k. a. “Francisco Papas Fritas” (Francisco Potato chips) has confessed in voluntary disclosure to the chilean justice as the perpetrator of the burning of promissory notes with a projected value of 500 million of dollars. The purpose was releasing students from their unjust debts to the University del Mar. (The “University del Mar” was a chilean for-profit universitary institution in a scandalous process of bankruptcy that left it’s students without education, titles but with their debts still outstanding).

The act, as Francisco declared in a video, was performed without knowledge or assistance of the students of the university as he entered to the take of the building of the University, (Reñaca, 30 minutes from Valparaiso), starting he wished to do an artwork about the case. The artist created a plan to subtract the promissory notes and then set them in fire, to eliminate debt of the thousands of students of that University.

Francisco set an art installation named “Ad Augusta per Augusta”, title taken from “the motto in the emblem of the Universidad del Mar”. This installation was presented in May 12 in the Cultural Center GAM of Santiago, same-time when he made public his confession.

The subversive action, in his words, is “the way I have to help, with what I know how to do,  thousands of students who were scammed by the shareholders and owners of the Universidad del Mar”. With this action Francisco “Papas Fritas” aims to sensitize and open the debate about  diverse ways to fight against the mercantil machine that is chilean education system and the governments that have covered it.

“I didn’t went to university”, he declared, “and I express myself with what I make, art, which is the tool that I found to contribute and give my help to the cause. Watch how the young student’s houses are auctioned, losing the few possessions they’ve got, that is an heartbreaking injustice, and it seems that we are getting used to it”, said Francisco in telephone contact with Radio Villa Francia.

Self-complain and confession to Justice

On Monday 12, Francisco “Papas Fritas” presented to the Santiago’s Seventh Court of Guarantee to file a police report against him with a confession. (See document).

“I assume all consequences and offer my apologies to the students who didn’t knew about it, but it was the best way to act, using the old means of clandestiny as tools to use in the present”, he declared.

The action, in “Papa Fritas” words, pretends to free of debt the students of Universidad del Mar, while encouraging more people to similar acts.

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“The fight is on art too. I’m a working-class man of San Miguel who made his contribution as a worker”.

10322847_10152356362934360_1867138003376697188_nFrancisco “Papas Fritas” Tapia, chilean artist whom yesterday shocked public opinion with hisconfession and self-complainof being the sole author of the original promissory notes valued in US$500 million dollars of debt from thousands of Universidad del Mar students. Those documents were smuggled out in a long and patient “operation” and without the knowledge of the students during the Take of the main campus of U del Mar in Viña del Mar. Action made with the objective of eliminate for good the situation that affects thousands of students.

In an extensive interview with the Morning Show of Radio Villa Francia, Francisco “Papas Fritas” spoke about the repercussions of his deed and problematized the criminalization in Chile and institutionalized injustice of the country.

Without the original promissory notes, there is no debt. Even if they have copies and try to trick people to collect. In fact, past year a complaint was presented by the University for the loss of the documents during the take. “Papas Fritas” confessed being the author of that.

“The struggle is on art too… I know only what I’ve learned in life, I’m a working-class man from San Miguel (Santiago), I think this should be the battle of a movement, educational movement, here are several ways to fight and people should fight for not paying, so the State has to take care of it’s responsibilities”

“Art have become just a decorative thing, beauty, but art is a tool too, there are several people, as “La Momia Roja”, and others whom are supporting and subverting and mobilizing with their art, understanding we are workers.”

The artist also mentioned the case of the death of 81 inmates in the fire of the San Miguel jail, which as of today has no prosecuted the responsibles. As neighbour and artist he participated in the fight alongside the families of the victims and the neglection in a society where education is a luxury

Yesterday was exposed in the GAM the ashes of the promissory notes of U. del Mar in an art installation with the participation of “Proyecto Kombi”.

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PDI seized from the GAM world’s most expensive artwork, valued in US$500 million dollars

The Police of Investigations of Chile (PDI) take off the ashes that were exposed in the Kombi van in the installation “Ad angusta per angusta” of visual artist Francisco Tapia (Papas Fritas) at the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) from Santiago de Chile for investigative reports. The directives of the Universidad del Mar filed a complaint for the disappearance of said documents.

The confession by part of “Papas Fritas” of the burning of the original promissory notes of thousands of students of the aforementioned University valued in an estimated US$500 millions of dollars, makes the installation the most expensive work of art of the world.

PDI notified the curators of the GAM the seizing which was undertaken on at 17:00 hours. The seizing took the bowls where the ashes lies, diplomas that were fixed in to the van and part of the scenography.

The lawyer of the artist Francisco Tapia (Papas Fritas) Ariel Zuñiga declared: “PDI is mediapartner of the installation Ad angusta per angusta and, from now on, Francisco (Papas Fritas) goes  to clandestinity”.

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